Order of appearance from left to right: Mushroom, Me (Matt), Elliott, Jess, Metric

Meet Matt

I’m a Vietnamese American 34 year old man who was born in Fountain Valley, California. Although I spent most of my days in southern California, I’m currently living in Seattle Washington with my best friend Jess Boyd, the two of us raising our beautiful daughter Elliott, who is lucky to have two fur sisters Metric (German Shepherd) and Mushroom (Australian Shepherd) and Moonie (Maincoon) and Ducky (street cat).

I’m the founder and CEO Crossbill, an emerging technology solutions (ETS) company. We help start ups scale design and code up scalable, robust, fault tolerant software using techniques that I learned from spending over 5 years as a software engineer working at Amazon Web Services.


  • Playing competitive tennis and pickleball
  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice (in everything I do)
  • Writing about Digital Organization over at “The Digital Organization Dad
  • Reverse engineering beautiful, logically written prose
  • Stepping into my identity as a father and creating my own definition of masculinity
  • Disconnecting from social media and having meaningful conversations over coffee and tea