Below are some of my favorite posts to date. Overtime, they will change and I’ll aim to keep the number to a minimum, to about five. The intention behind the sticky posts is that after checking out the Now page, you’ll arrive here if you have limited time and do not want to pursue my entire blog archive.

  • 2023 – Brief Life Update

    2023 – Brief Life Update

    I haven’t posted on this blog for almost a year. And I miss writing. A lot. Interestingly enough, I observed that I stopped publishing my own writing when my attention and intention shifted towards growing an audience, when I had decided to “professionalize” my blog and create a funnel for business. A part of me…

  • Speaking up for others

    Speaking up for others

    Ever since I was little boy, if any of my friends were bullied or picked on, and I noticed they couldn’t defend themselves, I would speak up on their behalf. Speaking up for others has always come naturally for me and it’s habit that I still flex even as an adult. However, these days, I’m…

  • A letter from my future self: “Dear 2019 Matt”

    A letter from my future self: “Dear 2019 Matt”

    In 2019, Sal Khan wrote a letter to his past self as a reflection exercise and made that letter public and published it on his blog. Thanks Sal. Inspired by his post and this reflection exercise, I decided to write a letter from my future self (Matt in 2029). In other words, I wrote the…