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  • PAXOS – I’m coming for you!

    PAXOS – I’m coming for you!

    I’m now half way through Distributed Computing course at Georgia Tech and us students are now tackling the penultimate project: building a replicated state machine using PAXOS. This project will be challenging (probably going to require 40+ hours) and it’ll put my theoretical knowledge to the test and reflect back, in a couple weeks, how…

  • Spring 2021: Distributed Computing

    Spring 2021: Distributed Computing

    Yes! I’m finally registered for the distributed computing course. This course is hot off the press! It’s spanking brand new to the OMSCS program and offered for the first time this (Spring 2021) term. I’ve been eagerly waiting over two years for a course centering around distributed systems, combining both theory and practice. The course…

  • Recovery management in Quicksilver  – Notes and Summary

    Recovery management in Quicksilver – Notes and Summary

    The original paper “Recovery management in quicksilver” introduces a transaction manager that’s responsible for managing servers and coordinates transactions. The below notes discusses how this operating system handles failures and how it makes recovery management a first class citizen. Cleaning up state orphan processes Key Words: Ophaned, breadcrumbs, stateless In client/server systems, state gets created…