Advanced operating systems – Pre-assessment (81% prepared for the course)

August 17, 2020 | minutes read

As mentioned in my first post this morning, today marks the first day of Fall 2020 and I’m taking advanced operating systems (AOS), a systems class I’ve had a burning desire to take close to two years ago.

The first assignment assigned in course is a pre-assessment, consisting of 22 yes/no answers, designed to to “gauge readiness for this graduate-level Advanced Operating Systems course”. I filled out this document (screenshot below) and my answers are mixed but overall I’m pretty prepared.  Of the 22 questions, I answered “yes” to 18 of them, “no” to four.  Based off of that, I’m about 81% prepared for this course.

According to the pre-assessment, the four areas that I need brushing up on are:

  1. Do you know the conditions under which a process/thread may join the ready queue and leave the ready queue? Not really … I do recall studying light weight processor (LWP) but cannot remember the details of thread management
  2. Can you name all the steps that happen during a context switch? I remember some of the steps, but not all. I know that the operating system must save the process into a process control block (PCB) during a context switch, the PCB containing all the metadata about the running process.
  3. Do you under the difference between a “segment” and a “page” in a memory hierarchy? Sort of … but no, not really
  4. Do you know the difference between a “page” and a “frame” in a virtual memory system? Does a frame consists of multiple pages …

I’ll keep an eye out for the (above) questions as I start watching the lectures. I believe the first set of lectures focus on reviewing operating system fundamentals.

Advanced OS - Preassessment (1/2)
Advanced OS – Preassessment (1/2)
Advanced OS - Preassessment (1/2)
Advanced OS – Preassessment (1/2)

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