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October 7, 2015 | minutes read

sigmavirus24 tweetI’ve always been scared of open sourcing, despite wanting to get involved for a long time? Why?

For a long time, I’ve programmed in isolation. But, I did enjoy it. Unfortunately, this leaves little (to none) opportunity for feedback and critism. Afraid of rejection? Afraid of not appearing as smart as I think I am ?

Serepdentiosuly, I came across this post on reddit post. His comment looked warm and welcoming. Let’s give it a shot again.

I received an e-mail from @sigmavirus24. Looks like he could use some help moving existings tests under tests/* to tests/unit and tests/integration. This is a great way to get familiar with the code base. I’m game.

@sigmavirus24 posted this tweet. I was so happy and I hugged Jessica, who was sitting next to me when I saw it pop up on my feed. I didn’t anticipate it and it is what makes me enjoy working on F/OSS.

I Was on IRC and dropped a note to @sigmavirus24 about implementing this new API feature. I think I’ll tackle this in parallel with migrating tests over.

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