Daily Review – 2020/08/25

August 25, 2020 | minutes read

What’s your chief aim for today

  • Recover from waking up from 03:00 AM from being woken up from operational issue
  • Write and publish one piece on this blog
  • Review Inbox and Important projects sitting in OmniFocus
  • Put in 1 hour study session before and after work for advanced operating systems
  • Chip away at writing one-pager design for a prototype for new feature at work

Word of the day

You cannot geld the human race

Geld – verb (v) – to deprive of vitality or vigor

What are you grateful for?

  • Having a steady income and job that I enjoy despite being in the midst of COVID-19


  • Tired as I type this out since I got paged out of bed for 03:00 AM for a NOP (no operation) issue at work


  • Woke up naturally (i.e. without alarm) at around 04:15
  • Felt good about being able to connect the dots between theory and practice (when reviewing out to generate virtual private numbers using a BITMASK and SHIFT operations)
  • Followed my morning Routine (e.g. walk dogs at local park, blended fruit and vegetable smoothie, warm up chai, write)
  • Pulled into Discount Tires for scheduled appointment to replace punctured front left tire
  • Finished reading chapter on paging systems while waiting for tired to be replaced
  • Recorded a short little melody and harmony on my iPhone while playing guitar for Elliott and Jess during lunch
  • Ad-hoc shopping at Target to pick up size 4 diapers, bottle scrubber for the kitchen, plastic hooks to hang the broom, stasher reusable zip lock bags
  • Ordered and picked up sushi for dinner (avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, croquette and vegetable mini tempera  udon soup)
  • Chopped up fresh vegetables and stored them away in the (just purchased) stasher bags
  • Cut up Jess’s recently purchased book, scanning the book using my Fujitsu IX1500 ScanSnap and then converting the document in mobi format using calibre (new open source software I discovered while searching stack overflow)

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