Daily Review – Day ending in 2020/09/27



Family and Friends

  • Walked the dogs at Magnuson Park. Elliott and Jess joined too since Elliott has been waking up so early these days (around 05:45 AM). Trying to get the dogs to capitalize on these amazing off leash parks in North Seattle, before we move to Renton (in just a few days)
  • Cancelled war room meeting so that I could instead so I could have a pizza party with my next door neighbors and their two children. My neighbor’s daughter in particular was really looking forward to having a picnic party since there’s only a few days left until my wife and I and the rest of our entire pack move to Renton. Upon reflection, cancelling the war room was the right decision since I’ll remember this pizza party for years to come.
  • Took Elliott to Maple Leaf Park for about 20 minutes. She loves loves loves sitting on the kitty bridge and watching other kids play. Seriously. She’ll sit there and just smile at them, completely happy to just be outside. I never thought I would enjoy being a father so much. Honestly, I would’ve thought that taking my kids to the park would be boring and feel like an obligation but it’s just the opposite.
  • During dinner Elliott sat in her own little chair like a little adult for the first time, following Avery’s lead
  • Took Elliott with me to The Grateful Bread to pick up challah for Jess while she received in home physical therapy. After buying a couple loafs, Elliott and I sat outside of the cafe, her on my lap while I was wearing a mask (again, still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic). Felt nice just to sit outside and tear up little pieces of Challah for her to eat

Graduate School

  • Crammed heavily for the mid term exam (below). Took the exam last night instead of today (which is a good call since I’m absolutely shattered today, my sleep interrupted several times because I was still able to hear Elliott let out war like screams throughout the night … I think she’s teething)
  • Took the remotely proctored exam for advanced operating systems (AOS). I really think that studying with the Anki software for about an hour paid off. Otherwise, I don’t think I would’ve been able to answer questions around Exokernel and questions around the hypercalls.


  • Had another wonderful guitar lesson yesterday with Jared. We focused on going over new inversions that should spice up some of my song writing since I feel like I’m in a rut these days, all my songs sorted of sounding the same since I’m playing them in the same voicings. But I should take a moment and step back and appreciate that I can even write songs and can even apply music theory that I picked up over the last couple years
  • Jared and I got to talking about marketing and he mentioned an author called Seth Godin and how (without realizing it) I’m sort of applying the techniques from his book. In any case, I should check out that author’s book (just no time right now).


  • Packed up my wide monitors and mechanical keyboard that were previously laid out desk office. Just a couple more days until we are out of this house in Seattle and moving to Renton