Daily Review – Day ending in 2020/09/29

October 1, 2020 | minutes read

Yesterday … was exhausting. A few times throughout the day I actually felt my body shut down and I nearly fell asleep while working. Although I cumulatively got like 7.5 hours of sleep, my sleep was constantly interrupted since Elliott has been (presumably) teething and letting out these screams at 1:00 AM and 3:00AM and 04:00 AM, the screams piercing through out thin walls and echoing throughout the rest of the house.

On top of all this, I felt so overwhelmed with the house move, knowing that we only have just a few days left and there’s so much left to do still. But fortunately Jess and I partnered up and split some tasks up between the two of us. That really helped.

What did I learn

  • The last true symmetric multiprocessor machine was around the late 1980s. I thought that they were much more prevalent but it appears that most of the hardware today run on non uniformed memory access (NUMA) machines
  • How to identify and trace concurrent events between processes (a little more difficult than I had originally anticipated) using a good old pen and paper


  • Watched about 30 minutes of the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Honestly, it’s like watching a circus. Trump constantly interrupts Joe Biden and Joe Biden often goes completely off topic. For example, while talking about his position on supporting the military, he brings up the fact that his son served in the military and currently recovering from drug addiction. While nice to know …. I wonder, it’s totally irrelevant to the conversation.

Family and Friends

  • Jess and I operated as a team yesterday. Together in the morning, we signed an hours worth of paperwork with a notary sent by the escrow company. After, we divided and conquered. She and Elliott performed the final walk through in Renton while I sorted out how to get us internet (so painful dealing with internet sales representatives) and then I drove to Wells Fargo for my scheduled appointment to transfer the big amount for the down payment of the house.

Interesting Quotes or Idioms

  • Prime the pump (from video lecture series in Distributed System, Quiz on “relation”)


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