Daily Review – Day Ending in 2020/10/12

Graduate School

  • Wrote up my analysis on the various barrier synchronization algorithms that I implemented. I had to describe the various algorithms (e.g. dissemination barrier, tournament barrier, centralized sense reversal barrier) for the documentation that will accompany our code and experiments as part of Project 2 for advanced operating systems.
  • Finished watching lectures on Active Networks. Didn’t find the material too interesting however I realized there are certainly concepts (like overlay networks) applied to our (AWS) networks.

What I learned

  • Quote from Donald KnuthBeware of bugs in the above code. I’ve only proved it correct — not tried it.


  • Represented my team (Blackfoot Edge Applications) at weekly org wide operations meeting. Every week, our senior manager runs a organization (Blackfoot) wide operations meeting where each team reviews their their high severity events and dashboards from the previous week. During the meeting, I shared three particular interesting events that took place.