Daily Review – Day Ending in 2020/10/13

October 14, 2020 | minutes read


  • Took Elliott shopping at Safeway while Jess took her work call. We picked up some avocados for our morning smoothies and some blackberries and blueberries (side note: why does a palm sized box of blueberries cost $6.00). While paying for our goods, our cashier awkwardly pulled down her mask for Elliott to see her face. Outside the context of COVID-19, this would be totally normal and even appreciated. But given we are in the midst of the pandemic, I felt awkward but didn’t feel compelled to ask her to put her mask back on given there was a glass screen positioned between us.

Graduate School


  • Did not read any lectures but did download all the videos for Spring Operating systems. I normally do not download the videos to my laptop however wind was hitting us pretty hard and our lights were flickering so I was preparing for the situation in which our internet disconnected.

Project Work

  • Completed writing documentation for project 2 submission. This included an analysis of the algorithms that I wrote (i.e. centralized barrier with sense reversal, dissemination and tournament) and why some barriers performed better (or worse) than other barriers.
  • Skimmed through requirements for project 3i.e. build a distributed service using grpc). This project got announced Monday evening and will be due in about 3-4 weeks and I like to get started early to avoid last minute cramming, which leads to unnecessary stress.

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