Daily Review – Day ending in 2020/11/01

November 2, 2020 | minutes read

What a weird morning. Totally forgot the the time changed, the clock moving back an hour (i.e. we gain an hour), and found myself studying and working at 03:30 AM (instead of 04:30 AM). When I first woke up and glanced at my Casio watch, I debated whether to get out of bed or not since I was my body was telling me it needed a little more rest. However, knowing that Elliott would soon wake me up and knowing that I had a very small window of time to myself, I rolled out of bed. Parent life.

Home care

  • Manually aerated the front yard using core aeration tool. The video advertisements for aerating make the process of aerating seem so pleasant. It’s not. It’s actually a lot of hard work and I broke a massive sweat aerating the front yard.I totally understand now why people rent aerating machines at Home Depot (or Lowe’s) for $20.00 bucks an hour. Renting a machine would make the work so much easier.
  • Fed the lawn fertilizer. After aerating the lawn, I poured about 2.2 pounds of fertilizer into the Ace branded bucket, transferred the food into the spreader, and then dispensed the it all over the front yard.


  • Family trip to Lam’s seafood located in Tequila. This Lam’s seafood location blows the other location (i.e. International District) out of the water. The location in Tequila is not only larger, but it’s cleaner and closely resembles the layout and feel of Uwajimaya.  Shopping in the store reminds me of growing up in Little Saigon, all the Vietnamese chatter and all the people bustling in the background.
  • Dropped off our ballot at the library located across the street. Just before sliding the ballot into the drop off box, I sat in the front seat of the car (with the two dogs next to me) with the Stranger’s cheat sheet opened up, filling out the last few choices that I was undecided.


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