Daily Review – Day ending in 2020/11/05


  • Assembled our Berkey water filtering system. The instructions are quite complicated, actually. In addition to reading the manuals, I had to pull up a couple instructional YouTube videos to make sure that I was priming the filters correctly.
  • Took Elliott on a late night walk. She had missed her nap and we needed to stretch her and keep her awake until her 7pm bed time.


  • Spent about an hour or so chipping away at codifying our operational dashboard, as part of hackathon.
  • Read through a ton of documentation and watched a couple videos on virtual private connection (VPC). I should’ve read and watched all this training when I first joined the organization. Oh well. At least the material makes more sense now, now that I’ve had first hand exposure to the dataplane code. Anyways, all this material helped me build a better mental model needed to deliver my tech talk.

Graduate School

  • The word coordinator kept popping up in the lectures. This coordinator often shows up in different code bases and systems within Amazon and I didn’t realize that the term has roots in the theory of distributed systems.
  • Learning more about the value of checkpoints. I can definitely see me adopting and integrating checkpoints into the software I design and build, at least for the stateful applications that need to have robust recovery mechanisms.
  • I’d like to learn more about two phase commit protocol. Similar to the word coordinator, two phase commit protocol term continues to pop up in the lectures and I bet it’s worth learning more about the specifics of this transaction strategy.
  • Window of vulnerability. The trade off between persisting in memory log records to disk