Front-yard overseeding journey

Our front yard needs work. About 3 weeks ago, I made my first attempt at overseeding and although a couple seeds germinated, the lawn was left with lots of bare spots.

Several bare spots in the lawn

So I’m taking a second stab. This time around though, I’m not just going to simply chuck seeds on top of the grass. Instead, I’m taking going to take the following steps:

  • Dethatch
  • Add topsoil
  • Plant seeds
  • Rake seeds in
  • Plant more seeds
  • Pat seeds in
  • Lay peatmoss

Essentially, I’m following the advice of these some great YouTube tutorial videos.

Thatch removed, soil topped off, seeds planted, peat moss planted

As a new lawn enthusiast, I have no clue as to not whether this will work. It’s sort of an experiment. I’ve watched dozens of YouTube videos and it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. So I’ll be documenting the journey and will report back in a couple days as I continue to water the lawn. Regardless, I’m enjoying the unknown and I’m in good company:

Metric keeping me company while I work on the lawn