Graduate record examination (GRE) in 2 months

I’m pursuing a master’s degree in computer science and most of the schools I’m applying to— Seattle University, University of Washington, University of Southern California — require that I take the general GRE (graduate record examination).  Although I don’t necessarily agree with standarized tests, especially the GRE,  I recognize the necessity to establish some sort of bar for applications.  So, instead of fighting the process, by attempting to convince admissions to waive the GRE requirement (although some do), I reluctantly scheduled my exam for December 16th. That’s gives me about two months to study.

That’s not a whole lot of time to prepare. Magoosh, an online platform that prepares exam takers, suggests that most students should aim to study for about three to four months: ain’t nobody got that time for that[1].  Therefore, I’m condensing my studying to two months.  This plan of mine will still require anywhere between two and three hours, every day.

So, here it is. There’s a myriad of resources available (I’m starting to think that the GRE is a cash cow.  Money flows between Educational Testing Service and the institutions, I think) and I’ve made a conscious reduction of the material:

Time to get cracking.

[1] If you haven’t already watch this video, at least a dozen times, you’ve been doing yourself a disservice.