Software and system ownership

March 10, 2018 | minutes read

Although I sometimes find getting paged for operational issues enervating, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s well known that software engineers at Amazon (Web Services) own their systems, end to end. This means that we not only develop and maintain our software, but we operate the underlying system, complete ownership.

From a software point of view, one can run into an infinite number of issues. Got a build error? Roll up them sleeves and start digging through the compilation errors.  You committed some code that broke the build? Fix or rollback the changes. You defined a dependency that’s deprecated? Update the dependency and ensure your unit and integration tests pass.

Similarly, we maintain the underlying system. If we deploy our systems to a servers, physical or virtual (e.g. EC2), we must keep it alive, like a breathing entity. From checking disk performance, to checking heap allocation, we monitor our systems closely, configuring monitors to alarm us when any component misbehaves.

In other words, there’s no divide between development and operations. There’s no separate team that handles operational issues, no DevOps. There’s no nonsense like writing our software and then chucking it over to another group to deploy it, a group that would otherwise find it annoying at best and frustrating at worst.  Because I’ve been in those positions, where I’m on the hook for deploying software that I cannot fix. Similarly, I’ve been in situations where the deployment fails and then I must ring in someone who’s more familiar with the code base.

But now, I’m in a position where I’m responsible for the code I write.

Why is this important?

Although some would argue that software developers should stick to software development, and that there should be a clear separation of duty, I believe that owning a system end to end promotes operational excellence and a sense of ownership.


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