Waiting for one day …

April 28, 2020 | minutes read

“If you want to be successful, find out what the price is and then pay it.”

Scott Adams

I agree with that Scott Adams wholeheartedly. I also think this rule can be more broadly applied: “If you want something — anything — find out what the price is and then pay it.”

This quote reminds me of a story that my therapist recently shared with me. During this Covid-19 shelter in place, he’s participating in an online workshop lead by a poet named David Whyte. During the most recent workshop, one of of the other students in the program shared their life long dream: becoming an anthropologist. It’s something they always dreamed of but before they make that giant leap, they are first going to build a financial foundation and work in tech for another 8 years.

David Whyte’s response? “You’re probably not going to become an anthropologist.” Ouch — brutal honesty. But David Whyte softens the below and elaborates, stating that when we do something on a daily basis, we assume that identity and that activity — in this case being a tech worker — becomes part of our fabric. He’s right.

This short story struck a chord with me. And over the last couple days, I’ve been reflecting on my own one day dreams and aspirations, askingmyself what are some things in my life that I’ve been wanting to do but have been waiting for something — something in the distant future, only after I do x and do y.

And the first thing that surfaced was writing. Writing on my blog. I used to write much more frequently but every since I started my masters program in computer science, I’ve pretty much abandoned writing all together convincing myself that I have zero time to commit to writing. That’s nonsense.

So instead of waiting to graduate from the program — which is another 1.5 years — I’m going to chip away at my writing. Every day. Even if it’s for 5 minutes. Even if it’s just collecting field stones or existing content. Whatever it is, I’m making tiny incremental progress: and I’m happy with that. Little wins.

Now I want to turn the table and ask you if there is anything you want to do one day? Is there something you are waiting for? Or waiting for someone to give you their approval? Or for the stars to align?

I’m Matt Chung. I’m a software engineer, seasoned technology leader, and father currently based in Seattle and London. I love to share what I know. I write about topic developing scalable & fail-safe software running in the AWS cloud, digital organization as a mechanism for unlocking your creativity, and maximizing our full potentials with personal development habits.

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