Weekly Review – Week ending in 2020/09/06

September 6, 2020 | minutes read


I’m getting much more comfortable with publishing blog posts that are not completely polished. The fear of letting the world see less my less the perfect propose is utter non-sense. In fact, writing and publishing frequently offers two benefits. The first is that the sheer act of writing and setting words on (digital) paper improve my craft. The second benefit of producing words on a regular cadence allows me to track my writing progression, allowing me to critique my writing over time.


The trio hanging out at magnuson park


Although I didn’t put in much deliberate practice for neither singing or guitar (apart from practicing a singing the minor scale), I did sing for Elliott almost every night while bathing her, singing “What a wonderful world”. That’s the good stuff, the whole point of developing music skills, right ?

Graduate School

Graduate school eats up a good majority of my free time. My studies take place before work, early in the morning, around 04:30 to 05:00 AM, and after work (around 06:00 pm). In total, I get about 2 hours a day, sometimes 3 if I am lucky.

And when it comes to the advanced operating systems course I am taking right now, there’s never a moment of rest, almost some task to make forward progress on: from reading papers (e.g. “OS Structure – SPIN”), to watching lectures (e.g. “memory virtualization”) to writing code (i.e. a scheduler and memory coordinator).

But I’m doing my best with the limited amount of time I have and even tracking my progress by publishing my notes from lectures and publishing questions I face and publishing technical problems that I am facing while writing code my project. All of these posts, I hope, will allow me to look back at the end of the semester (about three and a half months away) and feel proud of work I put in and the knowledge I gained.


Current system for organization and time management broke down. The fact that a few items slipped reinforces the fact that the tools (e.g. excel, OmniFocus) do not guarantee organization: it’s the habits and processes. The tools are only a piece of the puzzle, not the solution.

I had missed a couple appointments and missed a couple important tasks — I hate that feeling. One reason for forgetting about these events is because I failed to book the appointment in my calendar. Another reason is that although some of the events were in my calendar, I didn’t review my calendar and didn’t receive notifications of the event.  Looking back, I can think of a couple ways to fix this. The first is to make sure that for any time sensitive tasks (or tasks with due dates), I need to plug that into my calendar right away. That’s step one. The second step is to enable notifications by configuring the event to notify my phone in advance: 1 week in advanced, 1 day in advanced and then 1 hour in advanced.

House Organization

Even though we’re moving into a larger home with more space, I fear that our abysmal home cleaning and organizational skills will follow us (which they will). I’m doing my best to view the dirty home as an opportunity but it’s hard not to feel like my life is spinning out of control when our kitchen looks like this:

Messy Kitchen (2020-09-05)

Granted, our lives changed dramatically when our daughter was born … but that was almost a year ago. So that grace period, I think, has passed. The sad reality is that we’re … extremely messy and disorganized. What is it going to take to keep the house in order?

And as I mentioned in “I’m a messy person: it’s time for a change” post, I’m sick and tired of not my items buried underneath one or another and just overall mountains of junk piling up everywhere throughout the house; this is not the environment in which I want my children to grow up in.

Physical and Mental Health

Physical health has taken a back seat and I definitely want to carve out time (even if it is 5 minutes a day) to get my heart pumping. Working from home in the midst of COVID-19 has definitely contributed to lack of exercise for me — some folks have gotten into tip top shape during the lockdowns.

But I did attend my weekly therapy session and I hope that I can somehow continue seeing my therapist (same person I’ve seen for over four years on a weekly basis) even though I’m moving to Renton, making the commute to his office unsustainable. Let’s see how this all plays out in the about 3 weeks, once my wife and I move.

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