Belgium terrorist attack and the media

March 22, 2016 | minutes read

Belgian was this morning. I send my thoughts and prayers to those in Belgium, but I’m worried about the media’s knee jerk accusations of Muslim terrorists. At the moment, there’s no concrete evidence. But why is the live feed incessantly hinting at ISIS and Muslims?

I can’t stay updated without feeling the media is inculcating anti muslim propagnda.

I question the media’s “experts”. The media ensures that expert testimtony aligns with its agenda. Sky News interviewedAnne Speckhard and she immediately concluded that the incident must be related to Salah Abdelslam. I’m not suggesting that it isn’t, but its too quick to point the finger without facts.

“It’s probably the group that Salah Abdelslam is part of …. so I think they just accelerated their plans … so they wouldn’t get rounded up”, said Anne Speckhard.

“So you think this is related to the arrest of Salah Abdelslam on Friday and that perhaps that the planned attacks have been brought forward as a result of that?”


“One gunshot afterwards and there was one man speaking Arabic afterwords. And then I heard a boom, an enormous explosion”

I’m disappointed.

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