Daily Review – 2020/08/18

August 19, 2020 | minutes read

  • Seems like my mind and body know to wake me early in the morning (around 05:00 AM), a small window in time in which I can cram in a lot of work before everyone else wakes up
  • Thinking about daily reviews rolling up into weekly reviews, into monthly reviews, etc
  • Out of the corner of my eyes, I witnessed a spider dashing across the room, so I caught it and temporarily placed it under a glass jar, the spider now sitting table and birthday card (will free it later)
  • Jess and Elliott accompanied me this morning, the two of them joining me on my daily dog walk (a couple photos below)
  • Caught Metric red handed: she was about eat her poop, so I slapped the kitchen window, freaking her out, at which point she ran inside the house
  • Watched half an episode of The Community — I love Abed — while eating dinner with Jess
  • Elliott woke up non stop during dinner, not giving Jess a single moment to relax or really even finish dinner in peace (one day this will change, they say)
  • At work, focused on reviewing team member’s code reviews, deploying some of my new features (to us-east-1)
  • Squeezed in two major study sessions, one at 05:30 AM until work (with dog walk in between) and one in the evening (this session focused on me stepping through multi-threaded code using the graphical debugger, me switching threads and inspecting the instructions and stack)
Tired puppy from chasing the ball
Tired puppy from chasing the ball

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