Daily Review – 2020/08/20

This post reviews yesterday, Wednesday August 19th 2020. Should I change the title to yesterday’s date or keep today’s date? Not sure, but I should probably stay consistent in my posts moving forward.

Although I’m physically exhausted and tired than usual from waking up early (around 04:30 to 05:00) every day to crank out studying or homework assignments, I feel emotionally and mentally better, less stressed out, knowing that I’m making forward progress on my assignments instead of dealing with an avalanche of work over the weekend.

Photo of the day

Breakfast on the hotel floor (Suncadia Hotel) with Elliott and Jess
Breakfast on the hotel floor (Suncadia Hotel) with Elliott and Jess

Word of the Day

Despondent – in low spirits from loss of hope or courage.

  • Woke up at 04:30 today (might be because the volume of the baby monitor that sits in the bathroom overnight was set to high)
  • As soon as I woke up, started with my daily routine of folding
  • portable mattress and storing it away in the closet
  • Tossed a load of laundry into washer (need to wash clothes every 2-3 days otherwise the hamper hanging on the bathroom door starts to overflow)
  • Published 2 blog posts (one on daily review and the other on advanced operating system notes)
  • Glad I made the right call and hit pause on brute forcing through homework: I paused on the assignment and watched lectures (see my advanced operating system notes from day 3) to button up my theoretical knowledge on multi-threading
  • Writing little summaries at the end of each module not only helps me retain the information but makes it really easy to publish my notes on my blog since I just need to copy and paste the key lines
  • Had a random memory while watching the lecture and appreciate my master’s program in computer science since I recalled how during a meeting, an engineer had corrected another engineer, stating that something was actually a “semaphore” not a mutex, and now I understand both topics in depth
  • Attended weekly therapy session (need to stay on top of that mental health) and mainly talked about how I’m stuck in limbo with my dad, neither of us talking to each other, but me being okay with this uncertainty for now
  • At work, read a bunch of documentation (i.e. wiki) and source code, taking copious notes to better understand a network virtualization feature that I needed to write a (python) behave test for
  • Stoked to hear that my acupuncture will now be opening up (with strict guidelines), COVID-19 shutting down her business for almost 6 months
  • Watched and played with  Elliott during my work break so that Jess could participate in her video call without distractions (being parents, especially a full time mom, is both hard and rewarding)
  • Ate super healthy for lunch (pho) and dinner (canh chua and some pumpkin that Jess air fried). These meals are paying off and my bowels thank my wife.
  • Scanned some bills using my newly purchased Fujitsu IX1500 scanner — also paid for them as well