Don’t break the (writing) chain … has been broken

October 10, 2020 | minutes read

This week, my cumulative “write every day” streak has been broken (almost 2 months of consistent writing every day), thanks to one of the roughest weeks at work. I normally start every day off with some light blogging — even if its for 5 or 10 minutes — but almost every day this week I was prematurely woken up due to my pager alarming me out of bed. So honestly, I couldn’t be more happier that it’s Friday (TGIF, for real) even though I have 2 more days (over the weekend) of being on call; I haven’t felt this physically and mentally and emotionally exhausted in a long time. Every time I get paged out of bed I’m forced to get my mental gears in motion and it’s very difficult switch off, making it nearly impossible to go back to sleep for a nap.

So the days have been … very long.

Oh well.

So now, it’s time to reset the “cumulative days” of writing counter

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