Weekly Review – Week ending in 2020/10/11

October 11, 2020 | minutes read

I’m shattered. This past week really broke me, the numerous 3:30 AM wake ups and the long operational issues running until 09:30 PM (past the time I’d like to be asleep). To recover from this taxing work week, I’m taking next Thursday and Friday off.

Despite the rough week, I’m relieved that my wife and I are totally moved into our new home — not fully unboxed — but at least I’m waking up to a warm home.


  • Worked consumed my entire life this week
  • Being tied to the laptop and pager impacts not just me but my family as well
  • Sporadic wake ups and late nights off the entire schedule, breaking many of my rituals
  • Because of all this I’m taking 2 days off next week to recover and catch up on lost time eaten by the heavy work week
  • Over 300+ signed up for my event at Amazon
    • Hosting a panel discussion with (4) senior engineers at Amazon on career growth and promotions
  • This particular week was more difficult than others
    • Waking up at 03:30 AM multiple nights in a row
    • Operational issues lasting until 10:00 pm


  • First week living in the new house in Renton
  • Having a child underscores the fact how fleet time is
  • Family has changed my entire world, flipping it upside down
  • I don’t notice the changes every day but sometimes I’ll pause and take a look at her and she’s not only radically physically changing but developmentally as well
    • She’s taking her first steps
    • She’s couch surfing
    • She’s uttering her first words (surprisingly its “ball”)
  • Moving to a bigger home in Renton in retrospect has been the best thing that has happened
    • Neighbor was mowing their front lawn and offered to mow ours at the same time (took them up on that offer)


  • Chipping away at “This is marketing” book while in bed at night


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