Fear is a Guide

August 24, 2020 | minutes read

While driving to my tennis lesson, I listened to Jared’s (my guitar instructor) video on “Fear is a Guide” and I must say that I love the new direction he is taking on his YouTube channel. He was previously focusing on delivering guitar lessons. Now, he’s honing on what is important to him including song writing and teaching people how to express themselves creatively through music.

In the video (below), Jared takes the position that if, in the context of music, you are scared of doing something (practicing scales, writing a song, performing in front of people), then that’s the very thing you should be focusing on. Not only do I agree with him 100%, but I think this philosophy or mindset applies to all areas of life.

In fact, one of my mentors living in Los Angeles had pretty much gave me the same advice:

If you are not doing something everything that you are afraid of, then you are NOT growing – Phil

And that advice, I think, is sound. Obviously take that with a grain of salt. Some things you should just straight up be afraid of and avoid, like running into a hungry pack of raccoons in the middle of the night.

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