Just a thought: On working from home

Like almost everyone else working remotely due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, I struggled with adjusting to the work from home situation, more than I could’ve possibly anticipated. I found difficulty in my daily routines suddenly disappearing; my deeply ingrained habits vanished out of thin air: no more commuting to the office; no more breathing in the fresh, cold air during my walks to the bus; no more swinging by the local gym for a short 30 minute mental and emotional exercise; and no more leaving the house. On top of wrestling with the change in routines, the constant at home interruptions kicked me in the butt:

No way to shut people out; no way shut myself in.

I cannot begin to count the number of moments where I reached a deep state of focus, only to be interrupted, either by my adorable daughter or by one of my two dogs or by my beautiful wife. Although these interruptions knocked me off my balance, I’ve adapted to them and, on some level, grown to appreciate them. Without my family unit, I would be just another lone wolf. And I’ll take interruptions all day long over being lonely.