My first lawn seeds germinating!

April 30, 2021 | minutes read

After watching dozens of YouTube videos on lawn care, I decided about two weeks ago to overseed the front lawn and water the grass twice a day (I really used to think that the earth would just magically nourish our yard). And up until this morning, I wasn’t entirely sure if all my effort was wasted, since it’s really difficult to spot whether or not seeds were actually germinating. On top of this daily maintenance, I’ve been also singing to them, giving them some verbal love.

My first lawn seeds germinating 1.5 weeks later

And this morning, about 1.5 weeks later after initial seeding, I discovered that my little seeds were starting to germinate!  Proof! Finally! I was so ecstatic that I snapped a couple photos and then bolted inside, sharing the photos with Elliott and Jess.

I suppose this is one of the silver linings of COVID-19 and being locked down at home for the last year? I’m turning into a lawn care nut.

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