Daily Review – Day ending in 2020/09/02

September 3, 2020 | minutes read


Mental and Physical Health

  • Met with my therapist, who I see every week (except last week since I had to cancel the session due to being on call)
  • Shared how I enjoy mentoring other people not just on technology but on the human element of our work. That’s the good stuff.
  • He thinks that my preference for having an organized mind stems from survival techniques that I developed as a young child


  • Practiced singing major and minor scale from memory (no instrument leading me with any tones), a skill I picked up from my guitar instructor

Graduate School

  • Generated the libvrt documentation from source code
  • Installed libvrt-dev, enabling me to compile the first executable binary with -lvirt flags passed to gcc
  • Compiled program using example source code from documentation that I built
  • Watched second part of “memory virtualization” lecture and learned that shadow pages map pages from the guest virtual operating system to machine page number


  • Met with someone AWS Networking , the two of us chatting about the new feature that we are going to launch in Q1 2021
  • Debugged a crash with the fuzzer (frustrating because I’m unable to reproduce the crash and neither can the Principle engineer on the team)

Friends and Family


  • Bathed Elliott last night, the bath running longer than usual (30 minutes instead of 10)
  • Feeling very pressured and nervous around moving to Renton, so much needed to get done to make it happen (e.g. pack all of our belongings, hire a moving company, cleaning up existing house that we rent). Need to continue taking deep breathes and chip away at each task, slowly, one by one



  • Call Well’s Fargo (again) and see if they can bump the limit on my wire transfer since I want to avoid going to a Wells Fargo branch due to COVID-19
  • Migrate straggling sticky notes that are sitting on desk and process them into “Writing Ideas” or “Inbox” in Omnifocus

Graduate School

  • Wrap up memory virtualization series
  • Write a few more lines of C code to get a better sense of how I’m going to write the scheduler (all a bit fuzzy right now). Not sure how scheduler is going to integrate with KVM and not sure what algorithms I’ll select and implement


  • E-mail Asians@ so that they include my upcoming event in the newsletter


  • Carry out morning routine: walk with Elliott and Jess and the dogs, blend up a delicious strawberry and blueberry and banana smoothie (thanks to Jess, who picked up the necessary ingredients from Trader Joe’s yesterday), feed the dogs their raw food
  • Schedule follow up veterinarian appointments for both Metric and Mushroom

What are you grateful for?

To be in a position where I can (and have been for the last 4 years) attend therapy, thanks to my insurance covering a large portion of the bill. Everyone should be able to afford health care.

Oatmeal breakfast that Jess whipped up

Also grateful for a delicious oatmeal breakfast (above) that Jess cooked for breakfast.


  • Same as yesterday: Simultaneously excited and nervous about buying and moving into a new home

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