Daily Review: Day Ending in 2020/10/18

Family and Friends

  • Celebrated Elliott’s 1 year birthday. Jess and I are two weeks late but to be fair, the two of us were in the midst of moving the entire house, making it difficult to celebrate properly. And now that we moved in — but not quite fully unpacked — it’s easy to let that celebration slide and slip away so I’m glad that yesterday Jess pushed to have us celebrate, even if we were two weeks late.
  • Ordered equipment to take care of the yard. I ordered a EGO 21″ self-propelled mower and an EGO Handheld Leaf Blower Kit, the two items totaling roughly $1,000.00. But I’ve done my research, watched several YouTube videos and ready enough reviews to determine that both pieces of equipment are are designed to last many years.
  • Video chatted with friend for 10 minutes over Zoom. Just played catch up since the two of us have not seen each other much (only once, during black live matters protest in downtown Seattle) one COVID-19 kicked in.
  • Dropped by my sisters house so Elliott and can hang out with her cousin. Again, a good reminder that moving to Renton makes these little pop overs feasible, now that it only takes 10 minutes (instead of 40) to drive to my sister’s house.


Scrubbing down couch with oxiclean, Metric chilling
  • Mixed up an oxiclean solution and scrubbed down our couch. I’ll post the outcome in a future blog but so far, results look promising.

Graduate School


  • Finished global memory systems lectures and made it half way through distributed shared memory. I’m still behind a bit behind on the lectures (I would say about one to two days) but I think I should be fairly caught up pretty soon.

What did I learn

  • Learned about release consistency memory model. Unlike sequential consistency, we can unlock parallelism by waiting for the coherence action to trigger just before a lock is released: this is known as release consistency. We can further optimize this by only generating coherence traffic at the time of (the other) lock acquisition(s), known as lazy release consistency.
  • Feel like I’m getting deeper and deeper into operating systems (exactly what I want). Learning about how to optimize the memory consistency model is amazing: going from sequential consistency to release consistency (i.e. eager release consistency) to lazy release consistency. My head … it’s spinning. But in a good way. And the theory reminds me of work. Eager vs Lazy means push versus pull.