Sadness following receiving a hurtful Instagram comment

Yesterday I felt sad after reading a comment (see screenshot below) posted by (burner) Instagram account. I had thoughts that this person may be Jess (since I had blocked her account — along with her family — after she had repeatedly brought up my Instagram stories up during mediation and it was becoming increasingly painful and disappointing), a friend or family member of hers, or perhaps her new partner.

I’m not sure and not only will I never know … and it’s not in my values to identify this person.

Their comment definitely caught me off guard. I initially experienced guilt — not shame — and then I checked (and continuing to check) the facts. Ultimately, the guilt is not justified.

However, this person is right to some degree: I have not been sharing the full story.

That’s deliberate.

The reason isn’t to create a false narrative.

The reason isn’t to make myself “look good” as this person posits.

The reason is this: it’s not within my values to share the whole story because doing so would, in my opinion, make Jess’s behaviors public and I am treating both mediation and divorce as sensitive and not something I feel is within my values nor necessary to share with random strangers on the internet. In other words, it would be unfair to her. Unfair to Elliott as well.

Ultimately, as much as I disagree with her behaviors, which is driven by a difference in our values, it’s not in my wise mind to share those sensitive details with everyone publicly.